Ultra Treatments

The latest innovation in beauty therapy

CACI international promises to and painlessly tackle harsh face & body in perfections such as

Wrinkles, cellulite, skin congestion and acne

Non invasive futur-Tec combines laser, micro current, ultrasound and vacuum

In one state of the art treatment system which re-educates the facial muscles to return to their original position

Must have a minimum course of 10 treatments for successful results


Facial Treatments



Approx 60 min £40.00


CACI Eye Lift (or other problem area)

Approx 30 min £30.00


Healing Treatment using

Approx 40 mins £28.00


Stretch Mark  and Scar Tissue Treatment  

Approx 30 min £23.00


Back de-congestion treatment,       

Including using Karin Herzog      

Approx 35 min £30.00

(You will receive an half an hour Facial for FREE when all 10 are booked and paid for prior to booking)


All of the above treatments are available with our

Dr Alkaitis , Absolution and crystal clear range of facial treatments, please ask for further details.


Book a course of 10 Caci treatments for £380 saving of 20 pound

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